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Why It is Essential to Get a Professional Calgary Residential Electrician

fishing nmd wires in residential home
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Why hire a Calgary residential electrician? Wiring a home might sound easy enough for a DIY project, but there are real dangers associated with it. And if it's a task that someone hasn't done before many steps can be missed. Things could be forgotten after the walls have been finished, code rules code be ignored or forgotten, and hazards could form.

Instead of taking such risks it may be a viable option to hire an experience professional. There is mountains of code that experts follow to make sure work is done safely. In the end certain precautions should be taken.

Why You Need Good Quality Wiring

If your wiring is not up to code and done with quality it could become hard to enjoy the comforts of a new home. For instance if circuits or switching were forgotten about. Perhaps circuits overloaded and causing constant tripping. You can find yourself fixing work that should of been completed already.

Quality wiring is needless to say, crucial for the safety of your home or office. With modern reliance on electricity, not wiring your home is not an option either. Every day, there is a chance of possible electrical safety hazard, especially if poor wiring is done.

Poor wiring is a natural ingredient for a disaster, one of the leading causes of fires. Moreover, poor wiring not only increases the chances of fire, but it could also lead to power surges, arc faults, and even more severe accidents.

Fortunately, the risks of electrical hazards can be kept to the very minimum. And it can be started by getting the assistance of a residential electrician. It is always the best to avoid engaging in electrical work on your own when there’s limited knowledge. Getting anyone who claims they can do electrical wiring without actual certification or experience can also end up costing more and create additional hazards.

fishing nmd wires in residential home

Why Hire an Electrician

Residential electricians are not just handymen in uniforms claiming they can do the job in exchange for money. They have studied piles of information and code necessary to wiring a home safely. This mitigates the risk of getting hurt and eliminates any potential hazards in your home.

Professional electricians eliminate fire and electrical risks because they not only wire the electricity correctly; but a good electrician will see potential risk and ensure they are corrected.

installing outlet

Note too that not all household electrical systems are the same. Certain houses will require regular checks compared to others. For instance if your home was retro fitted using aluminum wiring it is a good idea to complete certain checks. Such as connections being tight, the proper connectors used, the proper devices with aluminum ratings are used, and so forth. In the end it would be better to change it entirely.

What electrical hazards lurk in older homes

Another reason why you should use a residential electrician is if you live in a home that is more than 30 years old. Electrical code has developed many safety precautions throughout its years. Loose connections causing arching, for instance can have arch fault type protection installed to ensure limited arching. When an electrical line begins to arch it can create an enormous amount of heat and with heat combustion can come. New code helps to eliminate this risk by placing circuitry on archfault devices.

Besides loose connections and aluminum wiring, there is another potential with much older homes. Knob and tube type of wiring. This wiring is ran as single conductors and the insulation is wrapped around the single wire. Because of the age of the wiring the insulation can become worn and usually does not have the rating to even be used for the circuit it’s sending power to. This wiring should be replaced whenever possible.

Insulation falling apart on older wiring?

Another hazard associated with older wiring is the possibility of dried out insulation. The cause can be wires sitting in a non-ventilated attic for years with humidity and than drying out repeatedly. Or perhaps from a circuit that shorted out or being overloaded. A lot of the time as soon as someone goes to bend it the insulation will just crack and fall apart. This will cause a exposed copper line to be present. These electrical lines are the cause of a lot of shorts and having to diagnose and replace the damaged wire.

Overloading the electric wiring can lead to a shutdown, but it can also lead to a faulty breaker. Either way, overloading should always be avoided. If you suspect a circuit is overloaded you should have an electrician check.

messy electrical wiring job

Another aspect of the electrical in your home to keep in mind is your electrical panel. Throughout the years a home can have many upgrades and additions added. Sometimes, when more space is needed, a person might end up doubling up the breakers or overloading a circuit. In addition to space there may be a need for more power required. Most homes a 100A panel will suffice. On older homes there are times where you may need to upgrade your panel and service from 60A to 100A. As well, when adding a legal suite a new calculation is required to see if a upgrade will be required.

Today’s safety standards are much higher compared to those in the past, a residential electrician can make sure your wiring is up to code. They will be able to conduct an inspection and advise on pertinent situations that should be addresses or rectified.

What Can a Professional Residential Electrician Do

When hiring a qualified electrician you can ensure your wiring will be done properly and be confident of the safety of your home against electrical fire hazards. A good electrician will be able to tell you any areas that need improvement or that should be dealt with. And if your not confident or feel unsure it is well within reason to get a second opinion.

Some quick tips to give a little more confidence in the person you are hiring. You can ask a couple questions over the phone. For instance are you a master electrician, how long have you been in business, do you have experience in residential electrical and troubleshooting? See if the person can respond with confidence and sounds genuine. You can also ask to see certification to ensure they are licensed.

Having a residential electrician you can trust for your projects can be a tremendous help. You can rest a little easier knowing the install was done professionally and the risk involved in wiring any electrical have been eliminated. Having a home is an investment, and as such it should be maintained and well looked after. If there’s any doubt on your next project, don’t hesitate to call an expert with experience.

What are some electrical maintenance tasks to do

Being a homeowner can also mean doing routine maintenance and upkeep. Some of the things to check for on your electrical would be your GFCI outlets. These will most likely be located on an outside outlet, kitchen sink area, and bathroom outlets. Simply push the test button on the receptacle to trip it and press the reset button to reset it. According to most manufactures these should be tested once a month. If you have any arch fault or GFCI breakers installed at your panel, these can be tested. Push the test button on the breaker and then fully turn off and back on. Smoke detectors should be tested as well to ensure they are functioning and don’t need replacement.

When should you call an electrician

We know some people are big diyers or handymen, which is fine. As long as they have the knowledge and ability to do a proper installation on there home there’s many task that one can do. If a certain task seems a lot more daunting, then it may be a good idea to call someone that has the experience and expertise.

Electricity is something not to be taken lightly, as wiring that seems to work fine may actually have a been installed incorrectly or not done to code. This could lead to connections failing, switches not functioning after drywall, nuisance tripping, or more serious situations.

Conclusion – Get a Professional Calgary Residential Electrician

Final thoughts of taking the proper precautions and performing simple maintenance tasks on your home. When new projects arise that may be overwhelming and out of your scope it is best to hire someone you can trust and more importantly has the experience.

Most experienced electricians can even give great advice over the phone and pretty accurate estimates on the cost of a job. If you are looking to speak with someone right now go ahead and call CalTrac Services today.

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