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An electrical service upgrade has many aspects and hazards involved. There are safety concerns, code compliance, permits, inspections, proper installaiton, proper calculations, and many others that can arise. Below we will discuss whats involved, what type of services there are, and why it is a good idea to hire a tradesperson.

Are you looking at getting your residence or commercial service upgraded. It’s a good idea to have a professional look as there are many concerns and issues that can come into play. Including safety hazards, code violations, permits, utility company arrangements among others. In the article below we will go through the process and steps required. This will give someone enough knowledge to know how to proceed on their project.

At Caltrac Services we offer highly professional electrical and contracting services throughout Calgary and area. Including Airdrie, Okotoks, High River, Cochrane, Chestermere, Strathmore and many more.

Reasons to Upgrade

Perhaps you have started adding many appliances or structures such as a garage or addition. Or you want to get rid of those ugly overhead power lines in your back yard and dont want billy to end up playing monkey bars off of them (joking of course, make sure no one is hanging from your overhead powerline that would be silly). Other times people end up moving into a new home and it only has a 60 amp and either you need or insurance wants you to upgrade. Whatever the reasons we can help with the most affordable and safe option to get it done.

Steps Involved in Upgrading

Determine what type of service is required, is it overhead, relocation, or underground.

panel and hanging transformer electrical serviceOverhead services require a mast to be installed and lines end up stretching across to an attachment point, such as a pole in the alley. Relocation can occur if you have just built a garage. And instead of wiring a subpanel you could relocate the service to the garage. This will end up giving you plenty of power in your new mancave. At the same time it gets rid of overhead lines in your backyard. With an underground service it can end up being the most costly to install on older property. Although it is the preferred method for new construction.

Other options include the amount of power or current you require for your business or residence electricity. Most homes nowadays are either 100 or 200 amps, but there are times where a place may need 400 amps. Businesses can range in different voltages and currents from 60A all the way to 2000A and more. A professional can help with doing these calculations as they can become quite involved.

In addition to upgrading the service, most of the time a new panel is installed. Also a new meterbase (point where your wiring enters the utilities) is also installed along with a entire new grounding system. This is to ensure a safe and reliable electrical grounded system.

Finalizing Your Electrical Service

Once the work is completed, it is time for the inspection. This can ensure all work is done to current CEC. It is also required for re-connection from the utility company. There may be a need for a new site id if the service is brand new. Otherwise a connection is made power is restored. At this point you should ready to use all that new power. And you can enjoy your beautiful yard without that hanging powerline =).

Final Words From CalTrac

meter base install newOur team consists of the licensed, skilled, highly professional and courteous staff. With every job we treat it as if its one of our own services. We take pride in our work and look to satisfy every customer. We offer a variety of electrical services. They include panel relocation, subpanel, service change, meter installation, distribution installation and many many more. Just give us a call!

  • Your Safety
  • Same-Day Service
  • Timeliness
  • Insurance and Licensing
  • Peace of Mind

Since the risks involved in this activity can be high, we strongly recommend to hire a professional and licensed tradesperson. Thanks and safe building!

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