Electrical Services

Electrical services offered from 3rd generation construction and electrical contractors. All work is done by experienced, licensed tradespeople and complaint to electrical code. Any job big or small, just give us a call at 403-651-2621


  • Hot tub installs
  • Panel Change
  • Service upgrade
  • Service relocation
  • recessed lighting install
  • basement wiring
  • under cabinet lighting
  • smart home installs
  • multi room stereo installations
  • outdoor lighting
  • permanent exterior lighting (ie Christmas holiday lighting)
  • new home full electrical installations
  • data and networking
  • Apartment wiring



  • High bay lighting
  • Warehouse lighting upgrades
  • Maintenance and upkeep
  • Fire alarm installations
  • Machine and Motor Installations
  • Warehouse and Bay Installations
  • Service Installations and Divisions
  • Transformer installations
  • Clinic and Patient Care installations

Solar Power/Panel Installations

  • Smart home installations – Full control
  • Data and networking
  • Fire Alarm Installations
  • MultiRoom Speaker Installations

And many more…

Just give us a call, we’d love to hear from you!

overhead electrical service

Residential Service Upgrade

An electrical service upgrade has many aspects and hazards involved. There are safety concerns, code compliance, permits, inspections, proper installaiton, proper calculations, and many others that can arise. Below we will discuss whats involved, what type of services there are, and why it is a good idea to hire a tradesperson.

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outdoor lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Adding outdoor lighting to any yard is great way to add, not only value to your home, but create an ambiance that is relaxing and pleasant to ones eye. From guard lights to walkway lighting or soffit lighting to solar LEDs there are many options for practical and decorative lighting ideas.

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Recessed lighting installed in room

Recessed Lighting

Adding recessed lighting, also called potlights, can make a dark room become visually stunning with light overflowing everywhere. Retro fitting new lights in finished ceiling has never been easier and can be installed just about anywhere. From square or round to white or nickel to natural or yellow lighting there is so many options to choose from.

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upgrade electrical service and panel

Residential Panel Upgrade

Needing more breaker space, looking to comply with updated CEC, or require relocation of current panel. These are just a few reasons to upgrade your panel. Not to mention taking the rats nest of cables and forming them in a more ascetically pleasing look. In this article we’ll take peek at the process installing and upgrading an electrical panel, including sub-panels and service upgrades.

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construction wallpapaer image

Maintenance and Upkeep

Businesses and complexes need constant care and upkeep, and when something goes wrong it can have a domino effect on production to delays to costly repairs. In addition taking care of small issues when they can help to protect us from something larger or multiple problems pooling up. Electrical maintenance can include anything from motor and machine upkeep to exterior and interior lighting to updating emergency lighting systems. Let us take a look at the issues that can arise as well as the solutions to put forth to save you time and money.

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