Caltrac Services are among the best electrical companies in Calgary. We are a full service electrical contractor. Our more than 30 years of experience speak about us in addition to our satisfied clients, who always write home about us and our services. We are the experts with trained, licensed, groomed and insured staff. We know that every project is different, but we work with the philosophy of delivering the best with economical rates. We assure to provide a safer environment, highest quality workmanship and minimize costs.

Make your stop at Caltrac to experience the finest Calgary electrical services and its surrounding areas. We are a family-owned and operated business which has been serving turning on people’s lights since decades back. The experienced and fully geared-up staff is always ready to respond to your questions and concerns. A thorough service is provided such as from scheduling an estimator to pay a visit to your residence or business place or to discuss a project which is scheduled already. Our staff is all the time ready to assist you.

Being among the best in Calgary electrical companies, we claim that our electrical technicians have gained a worthy reputation for higher standards, courteous customer support and quality workmanship.

Whenever you are in need of Calgary electricians for installations, lightning protection or repairs, call us to get it all done since our company has the knack and experience to get these jobs done quickly and super efficiently. Our services are always reliable.

We have two major services sections namely Residential and Commercial/Industrial. This is the reason that we are called and rated the best electrical companies Calgary and remember Caltrac Services is not only limited to Calgary, but also expand its services to the city of Calgary’s adjacent areas.

Just make a call or contact us, the highly skilled and experienced staff will visit your residence or your commercial place to help you design and review the project. We have the expertise in simple ordinary repairs to detailed lightning and power designs. The experts will help you out.

Our electricians happen to be the best troubleshooters in the market. They stand out with their performances and quality of work. Upon call, they would feel honored by visiting your residence or business to service anything from a simple faulty light switch to do repairing the parking lot pole even a pool motor, which is not functioning. You will get this service at very economical rates.

Reasons to Choose Caltrac Services:

  • Most Experienced Contractor in Business
  • Family Owned Business
  • All Kinds of Projects are Welcomed
  • Highly Skilled Staff to Complete All Tasks
  • Safety and Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • No Disruption to Your Daily Routine
  • Payment Mode You Like

Contact us with full Confidence:

Caltrac Services works with a culture of safety and maintains it highly. This begins with the day of hiring us to the day of completion of the work. All staffers including old and new are given safety trainings so that they can better present it to the customers at their work place.