Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lightning adds true values and sparkles to your property - so, add beauty, security and safety to your home with glittering outdoor lights. Caltrac Services, a name to trust on, is fully proficient in creating a custom landscape lighting design which aptly increases your property’s look. We are the experts in providing the beauty and functionality. We confer you with your dreams you have always envisioned.

Add Values, Style and Security to Your Property

Your home’s look refreshes with new outdoor light fixtures. With us, you will find a complete line of outdoor lighting for your home’s porch, landscape and courtyard areas. These fixtures will not only make your home attractive but also safer to live in. Our team will brighten up your home’s entrance with a hanging design and then add style to your home’s outside walls. You can also use post lights in order to enhance your garage. For your yard, we also offer outdoor solar lights.

Who We Are?

Caltrac Services is highly experienced getting laced with more than 30 years-experience in Calgary and surrounding areas in Canada. We are full service outdoor lightning company. Our experts know the art of outdoor lightning and installation. They are skilled in creating elegant designs and do the installation with utter professionalism. In short, our experts are fully equipped with handling all of our customers’ outdoor lights and lightning needs.

We Give Your Vision a Life

We value your vision and your ideas – that’s why we carefully listen to you and implement the same. From the consultation process to final, our professionals do it hard to make your vision to happen actually. We also endow you with our dose of suggestions. The team makes it sure that no detail is overlooked during the entire process of planning and then installation of your outdoor lighting. Our utter care makes us the best outdoor lighting company.

Maintenance Offered

For us, the maintenance of your outdoor lighting is not a big deal. This is the reason that we offer our customers occasional maintenance repair services. Once your system is installed, you will witness a high level of maintenance service from us.

Use LED Lights to Adorn Your Property

Today, people tend to go for LED lights, as they make your property such a beautiful place that the eyes get focused on automatically. The LED landscape lighting technology comes with various options swathed with energy savings and bulb durability. Your home gets brightened and the performance of your system gets higher with LED Lights.

Choose the Outdoor Lightning Services

Clatrac Services’ outdoor lighting services include Residential Lightning, Security Lightning, Specialty Lightning, Vacation Home Lightning, Landscape Lightning, Architecture Lighting, Dec & Patio Lightning, Strings Lights and to name a few. Choose your option and contact us to experience the valuable services.