Machine and Motor Installations

If you stumble upon problems in the motor and machine installations at your commercial abode, then you need to contact with us since we happen to be the expert in this field with more than 30 years of satisfactory customer experience.

We churn out no big claims rather we speak with confidence and proofs. Our experts work on your projects from the beginning till the end and we calculate the power and material needed for your machines and motors at the location.

We install the motors and machines perfectly according to the electrical code. Quality is taken care of always. No matter if the motor is of single phase half horse power or is a 3 phase 50HP VFD controlled motor, we can install it with conviction.

Since we deal with expertise and do everything with care, we have the prestige of completing the projects in 10,000 plus square feet warehouses coupled with rows of welders, forklift battery charger stations, metal fabrication machines and to name a few.

Call us @ (403) 651-2621 or visit us to get the most affordable quotes