At Caltrac Services, the focus is to take your renovations to a new level. Whether someone is looking forward to renovate his bathroom, kitchen, living room or other space in your home, one must have the knowledge and experience to get him a high-quality renovation that they love.

When renovating the house, one must pay exceptional attention to details and focus on customer service to ensure that you are not only satisfied with the final project, but also with the entire construction process.

Some companies strive to give their customers the least disruption to their home life; that is why they strive to keep all work areas clean, safe and organized. Caltrac is known to add value to your house and high-level work and tax liability. Your project will be built with your own satisfaction.

Caltrac is known in Calgary as a construction company with a skilled workforce and a positive attitude. As the main employer, Caltrac attracts the best talent, offering new perspectives to the organization.

The sophisticated approach of Caltrac programming means that projects are delivered on time. The project program serves as a primary means of transferring. The construction program also communicates the means and methods as well as the planned sequences and times for a project.

If you want to remodel your house or small industrial unit, and don’t want to be in a hassle of hiring separate contractor for each work, we have got you covered. We provide services from electrical wiring to bathroom remodeling. Some of our services are discussed as under;