Commercial Service Upgrade And Relocation

Come and discuss with us everything about your commercial service upgrade and relocation. We deal with everything related to it and deliver the results which leave our customers happy and satisfied. Your electrical service consists of the metal housing which carries the electrical meter. Service power lines are connected with the electrical meter which comes from the electrical service provider. Usually the electrical meter is located outside the building and is often placed between the overhead or underground service lines which feed the electrical panel.

There are occasions when you are in a need of relocation or want to move your electrical service panel to a different or another area of your commercial building. In this situation, you need not to consult or hire the ones who are unprofessional or ill-skilled rather you need to make contact with the companies which have background in this field having experts of the field such as Caltrac Services that claims to be in the business for more than 30 years delivering the qualitative and satisfactory results.

Our team is fully equipped with the tools needed to do the work, skills, training and knowledge and ofcourse they are licensed. They will relocate your electrical system components safely and correctly making you to be in peace of mind.

Reasons To Have Electrical Service Relocation

There are a number of reasons for the electrical service relocation at your commercial building such as:
  • Electrical System Remodeling
  • Constructing – New Addition to Your Building
  • Electrical Panel Replacement
  • Electrical Meter Replacement
  • Relocating Electrical Service Panel
  • 200 Amps Electrical Service Upgrade
  • Electrical Service Replacement
  • Upgrading Code Compliance
  • 200 Amps Service Line Up gradation

For all your needs related to Commercial Service Upgrade And Relocation, please contact us with full confidence:

You could plan a remodel your commercial building or you might have a building that was remodeled earlier and now its electrical system is in need of relocation. Now you need to consult with electrical service provider who can upgrade and relocate the electrical panel. Contact us to do the honor.

For example, if you have bought a commercial building which has a deck added on later and this building has the electrical meter and wiring (which supply the power) are located on the same wall where the deck is located. The problem arises because of the distance of the deck placed between the land and the power service lines which are too close. The wiring coming into the building hangs too low at a dangerous level. In this situation, the overhead service lines do not meet the safety code of 11.5 feet clearance from the ground. These kinds of situations are very much dangerous and instantly need to be rectified by relocating the 100 amp service lines.

There are occasions when the people need to power equipment in their separated workshops or garage. In this scenario, you need to have the service conductors and meter going straight to garage or the workshops first and then underground to the building.

Well, whatever your need is or you need to relocate the electrical system or you want the upgrade – just contact us by email, filling up the form or using the number. Our experts will reach to you instantly.