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Maintenance and Upkeep

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Businesses and complexes need constant care and upkeep, and when something goes wrong it can have a domino effect on production to delays to costly repairs. In addition taking care of small issues when they can help to protect us from something larger or multiple problems pooling up. Electrical maintenance can include anything from motor and machine upkeep to exterior and interior lighting to updating emergency lighting systems. Let us take a look at the issues that can arise as well as the solutions to put forth to save you time and money.

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Code 2018 Is Here!

Electrical code has continuously upgraded and enhanced throughout the decades since 1927 first edition of CEC. 2018 is here and with it comes the 24th updated version of the code book. There has been a lot of changes, updates, as well as deletions. Below we will go through a lot of the major alterations.  …

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